The right Cylinder size

Whether you're organising a small or large event, don't look any further. Easy to use and available nationwide, the Balloonium® range of helium cylinders is your ideal solution.

We've developed a range of cylinders that weigh less and contain more helium than traditional cylinders.

In addition, Balloonium® cylinders' ergonomic handle makes them easy to manoeuvre and their quick-fit connection means that you only have to snap on the inflator and you're ready to start!


Name Maxi Midi Mini
Size X30S X20W X10W
Contents 7.82m3 5.21m3 2.61m3
Weight 49kg 25kg 12kg
Height 1050mm 870mm 655mm
Diameter 230mm 203mm 176mm
Balloon type Number filled per cylinder
9" LATEX 935 620 310
10" LATEX 860 575 290
11" LATEX 605 400 200
12" LATEX 495 330 165
16" LATEX 195 130 65
18" FOIL 535 360 180